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Information Security Sales Tactics: Don’t Fall for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Scary statistics and horror stories are effective sales drivers, but they don’t always lead to a great user experience.

Take a brief glimpse at the latest cybersecurity news headlines. On any given day, you’re likely to see a dozen alarming statistics, a new zero-day exploit, and a warning story about an organization shutting its doors after a cyberattack. 

These are all real things, and they matter, but there is more to the story. 

Many cybersecurity vendors and their marketing teams dedicate a great deal of time and energy to stoking fear, uncertainty, and doubt in their customers. 

Cybersecurity is a competitive industry, and fearful customers are more likely to add new cybersecurity technologies to their stack.

Gartner's research suggests more than three out of every four CISOs have at least 16 different tools in their cybersecurity portfolio. Some of them have 46 different tools or more! 

This is good news for cybersecurity vendors and their investors, but it doesn’t always lead to better security.

A complex enterprise IT environment demands tight orchestration and discipline – that isn’t possible when you have too many cooks in the kitchen. 

Entrusting your organization’s information security needs to a core team of highly competent experts, equipped with the right tools for the job, dramatically changes the user experience. It lets you cut through the noise and focus on developing a robust, value-generating security posture that works.


Security Culture and Employee Morale are Important Success Drivers 

Security professionals who indulge in the panic-driven media environment often end up paying more than they have to while getting less than they deserve. They establish complex security environments that impact productivity and communication, causing users and employees to treat security like a burden, instead of an asset. 

This makes it easy for security leaders to give in to a fatalistic mindset. They go through the motions of implementing new security tools, but ultimately believe that at some point or another, a successful attack will occur. 

Often, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This attitude does little to inspire confidence in employees and users throughout the organization. As a result, when complex security policies disrupt productivity or usability, they’ll typically set up their own shadow IT systems to bypass those policies.   

This could mean anything from discussing sensitive data with customers on a personal WhatsApp account to using a non-work email to set calendar appointments. These activities are not malicious on their own, but they can seriously undermine an otherwise-effective security posture. 

Highly motivated, security-conscious employees working with consolidated tech stacks would never think about bypassing policy. It takes great leadership to identify secure policies, implement them effectively, and boost employee morale with education about how and why those policies really work.


Outcome-Oriented Security Partnerships Make a World of Difference

The fear-driven approach to cybersecurity marketing does not often predict success against new and evolving threats. At best, it protects technology vendors from taking on too much liability, since they can always turn around and say, “Well, we told you so!” 

This isn’t good enough for Castra. Our managed detection and response services focus on delivering solutions to customers.

We treat our customers as partners, working proactively to improve security outcomes and optimizing every step of the journey together. 

That’s why Castra doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about the latest ransomware statistics, or the newest cybercriminal gang making a name for itself. We gather comprehensive, real-time threat data using Anomali ThreatStream, conduct in-depth investigations into malicious activity, and use those insights to improve our security defenses.  

With Castra, there’s no room for fear, uncertainty, or doubt. Instead, we provide our partners with calm, clear-headed security assessments informed by years of expertise using some of the industry’s most advanced technologies. Our customer interactions are guided by the warmth and understanding that comes with competence, secure in the knowledge that together we can navigate even the most challenging threat landscape with success.


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