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Get to Know the Experts Behind Castra’s Glass Box MDR

Discover what drives our ambition to deliver transparent, highly visible security services to enterprises and small businesses alike.

Castra’s transparency-first workflow is unlike any other. Instead of keeping security processes and policies hidden from customers, we empower them with ownership over security assets, resources, and data. 

This kind of visibility enables InfoSec leaders to work in close partnership with our Security Operation Center personnel. Customers rely on us for customized security deployments and compliant reporting they can verify in granular detail.

This approach transforms cybersecurity into a manageable, predictable discipline that generates clear results. It is the result of decades of experience working with mystery box security tools in opaque network environments. Our company’s founders and leaders understood there must be a better way.

Introducing Our Co-Founders

circle-grantGrant Leonard 

Grant Leonard has more than two decades of experience in corporate network security. He has successfully designed and implemented SIEM technology for Fortune 500 companies, US government agencies, and mid-market commercial organizations. Grant’s experience coaching and mentoring incident response teams provide Castra with deep insight into the needs and expectations of cybersecurity professionals and the users who rely on them.


Tony Simone

Tony Simone has more than two decades’ experience developing and implementing network security solutions in large, complex IT environments. He has designed, built, and managed security operations centers for US government agencies, Fortune 500 enterprises, and global managed security service providers. With a background that spans military information warfare to corporate threat analysis and security operations, Tony’s expertise provides the foundation upon which Castra’s glass box approach relies.

Why is Visibility So Important?

Lack of visibility was one of the principal barriers that Grant and Tony encountered throughout their careers. They watched generations of executive leaders make decisions based on incomplete data and an imperfect understanding of their own security capabilities. A security operations team equipped with “mystery box” technology can reliably mitigate known threats they’ve been trained to detect. They can follow well-established security policies, techniques, and procedures and prevent a meaningful number of attacks in the process – but this changes when the team is no longer in its comfort zone. 

Without visibility into underlying security technologies, no security team can successfully navigate novel situations or respond to new threats. Visibility is what provides security experts the information they need to successfully respond to zero-day exploits, malicious insiders, and unknown threats.  

Grant and Tony founded Castra with the promise that customers would be able to see how their security tools and teams work, and how their data is leveraged. Customers retain total ownership over their data and can easily take it with them if they choose to leave – there is no such thing as vendor lock-in with Castra.

Castra: Transparency, Trust, and Accredited Resilience

Highly visible glass box security operations make it much easier for Castra and its customers to obtain and manage valuable compliance records. Our internal controls uphold the highest standards in the industry, attested to by our SOC Type II audit certification 

As a SOC Type II-audited MDR and MSSP, we have implemented effective internal controls for managing and improving the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of our systems. Castra’s data and business structure prioritize SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria, demonstrating the core value of transparency as a vehicle for enabling and extending trust. 

That trust is integral to the service we offer our customers, and our transparency-oriented cybersecurity services extend it to the 2000+ organizations that rely on us for managed detection and response services.

Learn more about Castra’s leadership and how its history informs the glass box approach by speaking with an expert today.