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Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR

Fully Customized XDR Solution for Your Organization's SIEM

Palo Alto Cortex XDR is a category of endpoint threat detection and response technology that applies advanced machine learning and analytics.

Cortex XDR delivers best-in-class prevention to stop exploits, malware, ransomware, and fileless attacks. ­

Designed for minimal endpoint impact, the lightweight Cortex XDR agent blocks attacks while simultaneously collecting data for Cortex XDR.

The Cortex XDR agent offers a complete prevention stack, starting with the broadest set of exploit protection modules available to block the exploits that lead to malware infections. Every file is examined by an adaptive AI-driven local analysis engine that’s always learning to counter new attack techniques. 

A Behavioral Threat Protection Engine examines the behavior of multiple, related processes to uncover attacks as they occur.

This new breed of security technology identifies threats and benign events with superior accuracy and gives Castra contextualized information, simplifying and accelerating our investigations, providing root cause analysis and timeline views of attack activity (just like Exabeam does with all of your other data).


XDR allows Castra to take the next logical step and act on behalf of our clients, including isolating endpoints, terminating processes, and blocking additional executions.

Learn how Castra has written an additional parser and rule elements to help Exabeam take advantage of the data from Cortex XDR.

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