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Castra's Elite MDR for USM Anywhere

Castra has been partners with AT&T AlienVault since 2012 and we have deployed USM in over 2,200 organizations around the world.

2,200+ successful USM Implementations are a testament to our mastery and USM Anywhere expertise.

USM Anywhere’s rise in adoption amongst small to medium businesses and small to medium enterprises played a key role in Castra’s growth since our inception.

Castra was using USM Anywhere before it was even released and worked closely with AT&T AlienVault’s development team as it came online. We have deep knowledge of this platform.

We've taken USM Anywhere to the next level for our customers by applying Threat Intelligence from Anomali.

Anomali's ThreatStream allows the Castra SOC to integrate industry-specific data into your SIEM, helping your internal team focus on true threats.

During the Threat Hunting process, the SOC receives results, concepts, and search findings that are then compared against client data from USM Anywhere.


Learn how Castra's Elite MDR is a seamless pairing with USM Anywhere. View our data sheet (no email required) now!

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