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Castra's Elite MDR & ELK Logger for USM Appliance

Castra was using USM Appliance when it was an open-source tool called OSSIM (Open Source Security Information Management) and we still work closely with AT&T AlienVault’s development team to continue to support and enhance the product.

We have also developed a powerful log management tool meant to become, expand or replace your existing USM Appliance Logger. It is a fully integrated, drop-in replacement that is built using the ultra-fast ElasticSearch engine (a standard ELK stack) but incorporates several custom components that allow it to connect transparently to your USM Appliance as if it were a “real” Logger.

We have deep knowledge of USM Appliance and the Castra ELK Logger is built specifically for it. Check out how it works!


Download our Elite MDR & ELK Logger for USM Appliance data sheet, now!

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