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Anomali's ThreatStream

The Anomali platform enables Castra to instantly identify what matters most to them, and empower our customers to quickly distill that data into actionable intelligence. The Anomali platform consists of the following three products:

  • Anomali ThreatStream improves efficiency when handling large volume and/ or multiple threat intelligence feeds with full integration with top cybersecurity tools.
  • Anomali Match accelerates forensics activities with a powerful engine to compare that threat data with information throughout an environment—not just today, but in previous periods to see whether a newly discovered threat has already been present.
  • Anomali Lens puts threat intelligence directly into the hands of analysts, with an innovative, easy-to-use color-coded indicator of whether that threat is relevant to a customer organization.

Learn how Castra can use Anomali to enhance your security posture. Download our data sheet, now!