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VensureHR | Case Study

VensureHR knew that 24x7 threat detection and response was an integral part of their security posture; however, finding the available resources proved difficult.

"In today’s threat environment seconds and minutes matter. Castra’s unique blend of experience, expertise, next-gen technologies, and service offerings have enabled our Security team to consume critical logs sources across our premise and cloud networks, drastically reduce our false positive, accurately root cause security events, and more quickly contain and remediate threats. As a result, Castra has enabled our security team to focus on core competencies, gain the visibility and insights necessary to our systems, networks, and data, while enhancing our ability to adapt and scale on-demand in our highly dynamic environment." - Dan Knapp | Director of IT Security

By bringing Castra onboard as their MDR, VensureHR saved over 70,000 staff hours per year and millions of dollars in payroll.

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