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Steelcase | Case Study

Steelcase has been a Castra customer since 2017. As a superior furniture, architecture, and technology manufacturer, Steelcase takes Information Security very seriously. They recently purchased a new SIEM and needed help with implementation and tuning. Castra led their SIEM deployment and showed Steelcase best practices on SIEM Management, Threat Detection, and Incident Response.

Impressed by Castra’s vast SIEM and Security Operations knowledge and experience, Steelcase asked if Castra could help manage its SIEM platform full-time.

Steelcase’s security posture was enhanced dramatically by effectively tuning and configuring its existing SIEM platform continually.

Here is where the Elite Managed Service comes into play. Not only is our SOC monitoring our clients’ networks for threats and alarms, but we work with them to find anomalies, and help to prevent them in the future.

Our fully managed clients partner with us in their information security efforts, and Steelcase is no exception. Castra is at the helm of Steelcase’s daily SOC operations and SIEM management, relieving its internal team to focus on larger business goals.

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