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Chesapeake Regional Healthcare | Case Study

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare has been a valued client of Castra Managed Services for the past 4 years. Chesapeake Regional Healthcare initially purchased a SIEM and was eager to find a vendor that could assist them with implementation. Castra aided Chesapeake Regional Healthcare in a consultative manner, but as time progressed, it became more apparent that they were in need of a fully managed service - thus transitioning to Castra’s Elite Managed Service.

Anomalies were a particular pain point for Chesapeake Regional Healthcare and were a major deciding factor in migrating to Castra’s Elite Managed Service.

Like most organizations, the real challenge for Chesapeake Regional Healthcare stemmed from resources. Their internal team was already tasked with a heavy load of network responsibilities and building and maintaining a Security Operation Center ultimately came down to a logistical and resource challenge. Maintaining a SIEM, investigating alarms, threat hunting, and remediation takes 24x7 effort, and most organizations are not able to activate a 24x7 SOC overnight.

Approximately 300 hours and thousands of dollars per year were saved by utilizing Castra’s Elite Fully Managed Service.

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