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Case Studies

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  • Case Study

    VensureHR | Case Study

    VensureHR knew that 24x7 threat detection and response was an integral part of their security posture; however, finding the available r... Read More

  • Case Study

    Chesapeake Regional Healthcare | Case Study

    Chesapeake Regional Healthcare has been a valued client of Castra Managed Services for the past 4 years. Chesapeake Regional Healthcare... Read More

  • Case Study

    BankPlus | Case Study

    BankPlus has been leveraging Castra’s Elite Managed Service and ELK Logger since 2019. The financial institution was utilizing a SIEM b... Read More

  • Case Study

    Steelcase | Case Study

    Steelcase has been a Castra customer since 2017. As a superior furniture, architecture, and technology manufacturer, Steelcase takes In... Read More